Karel Havlík. Karel Havlík believed that the best cures are available from the mighty Nature itself. He made cosmetic products according to his own formulas using healthy, natural materials that he would pick and collect himself. He based his formulas on tried and tested recipes dating back as far as the 17th century. Unfortunately, the 1948 coup d'état stopped the renowned pharmacist in his tracks and his unique collection of cosmetic formulas was quickly drowned in a great influx of chemical formulas taking over people’s daily lives.

Havlik’s natural apotheke currently rediscovers the magic and power of the almost forgotten formulas and enhances them with great respect with modern scientific knowledge and the possibilities afforded by modern technologies. It has been made possible in no small part thanks to a very welcoming approach from the pharmacist’s granddaughter Ms Anna Braslavcová.


Havlík’s natural miracle is a universal ointment of broad application composed using natural bio materials.

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