The surrounding nature is the source of a great power. PhMr. Karel Havlík knew very well that strained and damaged skin would be best helped by Nature itself. In making our cosmetic products we draw on pure natural resources while respecting Nature and trying to learn from it. We grow the herbs used in our products in our own bio gardens. Apian products are obtained in a bee-friendly way from beehives located in a clean and environment free of chemical burdens.

„“Nature possesses great healing power. Take for example the tender herbal sprouts that push and fight their way upwards through hard soil. If we threat herbs with love they will pay back with beauty and health. We should not spoil that power with chemicals. Herbs are like women: delicate yet strong, perceiving everything. I am delighted that we have been able to make the Havlik’s natural miracle that helps us reap the fruits of our inspiration in Nature. It is truly a marvellous salve!” “

Zuzana Krejčí